When? How? Why? Keep reading, KAI COSMETIKS answers all your questions.

Undeniably we give a big YES to toning, as it is one of the three basic and fundamental steps to take care of our skin: hygiene, TONING and moisturising.

To get a radiant skin, follow these three steps and you’ll notice the change in your face. Many people don’t use toner because they don’t know how to do it. At KAI we tell you why ti is so important to tone the skin.

Refreshing Facial Toner, can be found in our section of natural cosmetics for the facial hygiene.

And don’t forget, if you don’t have your Refreshing Facial Toner yet, now it’s time to add it to your cart. Aloe vera based toner with a great scent, it refreshes, tones and moisturises!

The toner’s function is to deep cleanse, it removes everything that the Cleanser Micelar Gel cannot.

The toner cleanses pores to absorb the excess sebum, helps minimise pores, maintains the natural PH balance, moisturises and prepares the skin for the third step.

This routine should be followed daily, in the morning an in the evening after cleansing.

You can apply it by spraying the product over the face and then dry it with a tissue or wet two cotton pads with the toner and apply it with small touches on the skin; without rinsing it, we will apply our Argan or Hyaluronic cream.

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