The meaning of ALOHA goes beyond a simple definition. When we say this word, we wish someone to be happy with something or someone and we are happy to share the positive energy of that moment. It’s a way of showing respect and wishing love and happiness.

KAI COSMETIKS was born with the will to transmit this energy through the senses, with natural cosmetic products created to evoke them. This objective is achieved thanks to the characteristics of their ingredients.

Our brand aims at causing this sensory experience with colours, textures and scents inspired by exotic plants and fruits as essential elements.

Hawaiian culture is linked to a deep respect and sense of responsibility towards the natural world. The Hawaiian islands are synonym for wild nature and scenic beauty and put their intense colours, an ancient culture and a unique fauna together. That is why our products are made with the strictest controls against animal suffering, in accordance with current EU regulations.

At KAI COSMETIKS we pursue the search of the highest quality of our natural products, in order to provide the skin with all the necessary elements to make it look healthy, hydrated, soft and radiant.

Welcome to the Kai Cosmetiks Ohana.



Our brand refers to one of the most characteristic elements of Hawaiian culture, the tikis.

The tikis are figures that represented the gods, carved in wood. They were created as a means of connection and interaction between them and humans.

As a distinction to the Hawaiian culture, our brand image is represented by our own KAI. With all the elements that make this place of uncontrollable energy unique.